Meet PORCH Volunteers Mike and MaryAnne Pilcher


The Pilchers moved to Carrboro in 2015 after living for many years in central New York. They researched very carefully to determine where to settle in North Carolina – and they adore Carrboro! 

They retired at the end of 2021, after owning and operating a commercial water treatment equipment company. Both Mike and MaryAnne are both pretty involved with volunteering and visiting their two young granddaughters (their older daughter’s kids) in Brevard. They also have a daughter who is a social worker in Buffalo, New York. 

Read on to learn more about the Pilchers – we are so grateful that they selected PORCH as the non-profit to receive so much of their sweat equity in their retirement years! 

How did you first hear about PORCH? When did you start volunteering for PORCH? 
MaryAnne: Mike and I started volunteering with PORCH in the summer of 2022. I heard about it from fellow volunteers Carol Lucas and Kathy Honecker. 

What volunteer roles do you fill for PORCH? Any favorite tasks? 
Mike: I am a runner, and MaryAnne is a sorter and postcard advocacy helper. We both help with the Monday food distribution. This is one of MaryAnne’s favorites! I also enjoy seeing the clients during distribution and interacting with the Neighborhood Coordinators. We both enjoy the camaraderie of the other volunteers.

Do you always volunteer together? Do you find it to be a unique bonding experience, to serve the community together?
MaryAnne: Interesting question on the “togetherness”! Normally, Mike and I keep our volunteer activities separate – me at TABLE and Mike at Habitat for Humanity. I started with PORCH first, and Mike was recruited by Carol Lucas when they needed runners. With the exception of Distribution Monday, our PORCH duties are separate from each other, but we do drive in together.

What would you say to someone thinking about getting involved with PORCH? 
Mike: I talk to lots of folks about PORCH and tell them that it’s a great way to give back while working with a great bunch of folks. Very enjoyable!

Why do you think PORCH’s mission is so critical? 
MaryAnne: When I go grocery shopping and see the steady rise in groceries while hearing about food insecurity in our county, I honestly don’t know how families do it! It makes me sad to see the highest prices on the healthy food along with the lowest prices on the ultra-processed food! I love to see the big boxes of fruits/vegetables at distribution. I believe that we should be taking care of each other in whatever way we can. 

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