The Hunger Problem

In North Carolina, more than 1.2 million people are facing hungerand 39%of households receiving SNAP benefits have children.


of Orange County Residents Are Food Insecure
Orange County Children Are Food Insecure
of Chapel Hill-Carrboro Students Receive Free or Reduced Lunch

In North Carolina

North Carolina Is the 10th Hungriest State
of Children in North Carolina Are Food Insecure

Source: Feeding America

Hear it from our families

Food For Families means…

It is very helpful for our family. It provides us with fresh fruits and veggies that we love and helps us stretch food out longer. It also provides extra snacks for my kids to take to school for daily snack. It also helps us to save money for us to use to pay bills, etc. Thanks!
It allows me to provide food for my family when I don’t have enough money or food to provide myself.
We wouldn’t make it through the month without it.
It means that we can eat more at home instead of going to the shelter to eat all the times.

“Your program truly kept my kids from going hungry and also helped me with making sure that I could feed them not just any meal – but healthy meals.”

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