Meet a Neighborhood Coordinator: Pat Saling

Notable Neighbors

Pat Saling has served as a PORCH Neighborhood Coordinator in Westside (the area of town around Ransom and Cameron streets) since the earliest days of PORCH. She met Debbie Horwitz, one of our co-founders, in 2010 at The Clay Center in Carrboro – ceramics is Pat’s second career, and Debbie was taking a class. “As soon as Debbie started talking about the concept and organization of PORCH, I was hooked,” says Pat. 

Neighborhood Coordinators organize the monthly food collections for a neighborhood or street. They are responsible for spreading the word about the designated day for the monthly food drives, picking up donations from neighborhood porches, and getting the non-perishable bags of food to a central location.

To anyone thinking of getting involved with PORCH, Pat’s message is simple: Don’t hesitate. “It’s a terrific organization, formulated on a simple, easy, workable plan, that serves a huge need in our community. What’s not to love?”

She adds: “Many of us in Chapel Hill and surrounding communities are very privileged. We have comfortable homes, food, clothes, schools. We are secure. But some in our midst are not nearly so lucky. If those who can are prepared to share with those who have needs, our community grows stronger, healthier, happier – a better place for all to live.”

Pat and her husband have lived in town for 40 years. They both had careers in cell biology before retiring to embark on second, more artistic careers. 

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