All the Details about Food for Schools

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Clockwise from left: Members of Chapel Hill High’s PORCH Club regularly volunteer for Food for Schools; Northwood Elementary social worker Candice Norwood with a fraction of her school’s snack allotment; volunteer Barbara Segars and Food for Schools program director Becky Hebert circle the snack wagons.

School is back in session, which means Food for Schools is back in action! We are so proud of this important program and its impact. As one school social worker told us: “Thank you! Thank you! Having access to snacks for students in need has helped turn around some days for students!”

Not familiar with Food for Schools? Here’s an FAQ: 

What is Food for Schools? 
FFS provides supplemental food to kids in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools (CHCCS) who are hungry and struggling to concentrate in the classroom. Through FFS, PORCH Chapel Hill-Carrboro will provide each school with $1,000 worth of snacks this school year. FFS is funded by businesses, as well as faith-based and civic groups who sponsor the program. 

What are examples of the healthy snack foods provided by PORCH? 
Social workers select age-appropriate snacks for students in their schools from a menu of healthy snack options. Examples of healthy snack foods earmarked for elementary school students include cheese crackers, granola bars, and applesauce. Snacks provided to middle and high school students include protein bars, trail mix, and fruit bars. 

How do the snacks get to the schools? 
The snacks are purchased in bulk from Costco and Sam’s Club, brought to a central location, and sorted with the help of Chapel Hill High School’s PORCH Club. Then, social workers pick up the healthy snacks on two designated days during the school year. 

Who qualifies for the healthy snacks? 
There are no income criteria to qualify for the snack foods. Students simply let their teacher know when they are hungry and would like a snack to tide them over during the school day. Practically speaking, most of the kids requesting the snack foods are from low-income families. 

Why did PORCH launch its Food for Schools program? 
Knowing that hunger impedes classroom performance, teachers and social workers often purchase snacks for students using out-of-pocket funds. Yet, they are often living on very tight budgets themselves. FFS takes the financial burden off of school staff while ensuring that school pantries are well-stocked with healthy snacks. Thanks to the consistently positive feedback from teachers and social workers, PORCH is offering FFS for the seventh consecutive year. 

How do I learn more about PORCH and sponsoring its programs
You can email us at We’d love to tell you more!