PORCH Volunteers: Committed, Connected, and Eager to Get Back to Work!

By Sarah Dudzic
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After months of feeling isolated due to Covid-19, PORCH volunteers reconnected on a Zoom call.

Recently, I had the opportunity to join a virtual call with a group of PORCH volunteers – some who have been involved for most of our 10 years in existence, some for just a year or two – but their collective sense of community and connectedness crossed age, gender, and race. I could feel their sense of gratitude and excitement in coming together, eager to resume their pre-Covid roles as the “lettuce ladies,” green bean-baggers, and “bag ladies”!

When I first received the invitation, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought maybe they would have questions about when operations would get back to “normal,” or maybe they would want to talk about the details of sorting and distributing the food. But they didn’t. They welcomed me effusively, talked about their connection to each other, expressed concern about people getting enough food, and discussed how the last year’s isolation has been so difficult.

For the most part, we spent the hour talking about how and why we got involved with PORCH. While I had the good fortune to find PORCH through my job search, their reasons for joining PORCH were many: some decided they needed a meaningful retirement activity, some were asked directly by current volunteers, and others simply wanted to give back. As I listened to them share their stories, it became clear that regardless of what brought them to PORCH, it’s their passion for the work and the sense of community they’ve built together, that keeps them coming back!

Volunteers have been and continue to be the heartbeat of the organization – they delivered 320,000 pounds of food to families, schools, and pantries last year – and by the end of the call, it was obvious that PORCH has been and will continue to be very much in the hearts of our volunteers.

Interested? We’d love to see you get involved!